Scope and Services
Axis Solutions is a company committed to International Commerce. Therefore, it is our main goal to offer our present and future clients quality specialized service.
Our goal is to provide the necessary tools to stay updated, maintaining an internal growth, and striving to secure our position as leaders in excellence of service to all ours clients.
Complete Customs Service
We base our business in competitiveness, honesty, and professionalism with the purpose of becoming part of the work team of our clients, so they can trust us with part of the tasks related to planning, projection and correction entailed by international commerce. We do this in order to free them so they can focus on their main industrial and commercial activities by offering total customs administration. We provide services such in house personnel for the total administration of their international trade operations.
This personnel would be at all times under the coordination of this custom Brokerage Agency, assuming total responsibility of all administrative processes entailed by hiring and managing this personnel, as well as maintaining customs operations 100% efficient.
Customs Services

  1. Specialized consulting to help to carry your international commerce operations in the least amount of time and at the least expense possible.
  2. Conferences and seminaries whose objective is to provide training and updating to the men and women who engage in international commerce.
  3. Analysis for cost reduction throughout NAFTA.
  4. Advice in certificates and rules of origin for the use of NAFTA and all the treaties that Mexico is involve in.
  5. Counseling for obtaining NOMs ( Official Mexican Standards)
  6. Audits of Raw Materials and Inventory Control ( Annex 24 )
  7. Machinery and equipment audits.
  8. Acquisition and follow-up to integral International Commerce Systems (SICEX) and its obligations.
  9. Promotions sector program ( PROSEC) registration
  10. Procedures for operations under rule 8
  11. Procedures for general Registry of importers and sector Registers of Importers and sector registries, annex 10 of the Miscellaneous Regulations in effect.
  12. Procedures towards several agencies related to Foreign Trades ( Economy Department)
  13. Counseling for handling Virtual Operations and Donations
  14. Power of Attorney Registration at general Customs administration