Axis Solutions has extensive expertise in most major logistic markets, with dedicated teams who have unique insight into our customers' needs.

Our major customers in the automotive, industrial, packaging, electronics, paper products, healthcare and dry goods all benefit from Axis Solutions' detailed knowledge and understanding of their industries.

To meet the needs of large enterprises, our teams work closely with you to develop solutions that help optimize and manage infrastructure, processes and technologies. With years of experience in reducing logistics costs and inventory, we use the latest technologies to streamline the supply chain, ensuring the fastest, most reliable route from suppliers to end-customers.

Axis Solutions tailors unique express logistics solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers in all these industries. Our expanding customer folio of value added solutions has already answered some of the most difficult logistical challenges in the world. And we are always ready to answer yours.

We understand that the information requirements of large enterprises in these sectors differ from one case to another, so we offer a specially developed range of information exchange and management solutions to fully support these varying needs.