• State-of-the art fire and burglar security systems
  • 24-hour monitoring and audio detection
  • 8 dock-height freight doors
  • 1 ground-level floors
  • High Stack Ceiling up to 24ft
  • Forklifts designed for multiple handling techniques
    (including blade, squeeze clamp, boom pole)
  • Added value through transportation and freight brokerage services
  • Located in a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • In House US and Mexican Customs Brokerage
  • CTPAT Certified Facility
  • Guidelines and procedures at ISO standards

There is a common misconception about warehousing that assumes thereís little more to it than keeping a roof standing over some goods for a period of time. Really, how hard can that be?

But those in the logistics business understand that thereís a lot more to storing and moving millions of items out of multiple storage locations year after year. Managing inventory in a warehousing operation is both an art and a science.

Thatís why so many customers trust Axis Solutions' warehousing services. Through just-in-time delivery combining our storage and supply capacities, we can help you avoid costly on-site storage for both retail and manufacturing purposes.